Social Media For Your Small Business: Online Training Seminars

Social Media For Your Small Business: Online Training Seminars


If you just can’t afford our monthly social networking package for your business, you’re in luck! PR Xperts is proud to announce our newly developed online training seminar that will teach you how to do it yourself!

Virtual classes included in the 4-week, 16 hour training program are held twice a week, for two hours each by our highly trained and experienced social media Xpert and CEO of PR Xperts. These one-on-one online training sessions will teach you how to easily and effectively incorporate social media marketing into your everyday business activities and increase web traffic, exposure, and/or sales without breaking the bank.

*You may also sign up for individual courses.

Program Schedule (All Classes 2 Hours in Length)

Week One

The Basics of Social Media Marketing and Why You Need It


“I’ll Tweet You Later!” : Using Twitter to Increase Web Trafffic


Week Two

The Basics of Facebook Fan Pages and How to Gain Fans


Build Your Online Professional Profile Through the Power of LinkedIn


Week Three

The Basics of WordPress Blogging


Advanced WordPress Blogging Techniques


Week Four

Go Viral: YouTube and Worldwide Exposure Opportunities Through Video Advertising


Using Time Efficiently: Tools for Saving Time While Engaging In Social Media Activities


Social Media For Your Small Business: Online Training Seminar – FULL COURSE


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