Halloween Edition of “Model Spotlight” : A Beautiful Nightmare

Happy Halloween! In celebration of Halloween we decided to feature Sabrina Roland, a gorgeous Detroit model. We caught up with Sabrina to find out more about her, her favorite photographer Bob Arpee and what her plans are for the future!

All photos by Bob Arpee Photography, Detroit, Michigan http://www.facebook.com/Arpee.Photography

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Height: 5’6”

Weight: 108

Age: 16

PR Xperts:  Congratulations of being featured in our Halloween Edition of the “Model Spotlight”!  Were you surprised that your photos were chosen to be featured?


Sabrina: Yes, I was but then on the other hand I am not surprised because the photographer is a very creative and talented artist.


PR Xperts: So what made you want to become a model?


Sabrina: I love fashion and modeling it. I have so much fun in photo shoots, runway shows ect…, I watched a lot of Americas Next Top Model, maybe that made me decide to become one myself but then I think most girls want to be models because of all the media on beautiful women.


PR Xperts: Are you planning on attending college and if so, what do you want to major in and why?


Sabrina:  Yes, I do plan on attending college.  I still am not sure what I want to major in but I am going to take a couple different  classes that I have some interest in like sociology, photography, acting,  still deciding on any other class I want to take.


PR Xperts: Have you had any professional gigs come in yet? What types of modeling interests you the most? Print? Runway?


Sabrina: I have done a couple of jobs for Sears, a runway show for the Sewing Expo Passion for Fashion show and I was also a contestant on the Miss Teen Michigan Pageant. I love runway but I love print more.


PR Xperts: Bob is an AWESOME photographer, what was it like working with him?


Sabrina:  I agree, Bob is an awesome photographer. I have a lot of fun working with Bob, we get along great and personally he is one of my favorite photographers I have worked with so far ( don’t tell him that LOL). The very first day I met him he made it clear that he thinks it is very important to have the model just as happy as the photographer with the photos and ideas for the photo shoot. I was very happy and comfortable working with him. He has become a friend to me not just a photographer.


PR Xperts: I love the photos in the cemetery! Did that creep you out at all? You look so comfortable posing on headstones. lol


Sabrina:  I love those photos too, we had so much fun that day! It wasn’t creepy at all for me, I love creepy anyway, Halloween, ghost stories things like that.  I have wanted to do that kind of shoot for a while now and Bob was definitely the right one to do this with me.  I was comfortable on the headstones once I got up there :P, It was a really old but beautiful cemetery.


PR Xperts: What are you dressing up as for Halloween this year?


Sabrina: This year I decided to be good, an angel which by the way I am scheduled to shoot it with Bob soon.


PR Xperts: Well I want to thank you so much for doing this interview with me and for the photos as well. How can people contact you if they’d like to inquire about bookings? Are you on Facebook or Twitter?


Sabrina: It was my pleasure and I would like to thank you as well for your interest in me. I can be contacted for any bookings on Facebook at; http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1452500378