Euphoria Dating & Image Consulting Launches; Provides Hope For Skeptical Singles

The Concierge of Relationships

Troy, MI, October 17, 2011:  With the U.S divorce rate at an all time high, it’s no wonder why many young singles and couples have decided against “jumping the broom” and becoming legally married. Casual dating has become popular due to the constant fear of ending up on the next episode of “Divorce Court” and fighting over property, assets, child visitation, custody and alimony among other issues.  Casual dating and the single life seem like the logical alternative to many Americans and has become the norm in everyday society. However, single individuals lack the skills and abilities to sustain a long lasting relationship and therefore, need the tools to nurture and cultivate steps towards an optimistic outcome in the dating arena. One woman has refused to follow the trend and believes healthy relationships can be successful, if built on the right foundation.

Janice Graham, CEO & Founder of Euphoria Dating & Image Consulting L.L.C. , based out of Troy, Michigan believes that healthy relationships start with healthier dating habits. She recently launched Euphoria Dating and Image consulting with the sole purpose of taking her clients through 3 different workshops; Life Coach, Relationship Specialist, and Image Consultant to improve the well being of single men and women and prepare them for a healthy, long-lasting relationship.

Involved in a successful marriage for over 16 years and the mother of 3 beautiful and accomplished children, this professional Dating & Lifestyle Strategist has always had a profound passion for the union and manifestation of true love. As an adolescent growing up in a loving environment and witnessing the mutual respect, common bond and authentic connection her parents consistently displayed for over 40 years would ultimately shape, define and mold her perception of relationships for years to come. Because of this, it is her desire that EUPHORIA will be recognized as something more than just another dating website “We are far removed from that. We are committed, relentless and determined to exercise personal care to every member with the ultimate understanding that our focus is to listen to their unspoken concerns, offer encouragement to their skeptic souls and introduce them to the one that will…. render them speechless.”

Euphoria incorporated a creative 3-workshop process that includes personal development, strengthening your love life, enhancing intimacy, dating etiquette, body language and attitude. Clients then move into the 4th and final step of the process which includes a Meet & Mingle Event. As they partake in their structured process clients will quickly learn how to recognize a certain set of characteristics, embrace traits that help determine their level of compatibility and welcome individuality making the dating process unique and successful!


About Euphoria Dating & Image Consulting L.L.C

Euphoria Dating & Image Consulting mission is to help individuals establish a firm foundation in the dating arena by empowering them and improving their chances at finding true love. Our well trained and experienced Dating and Lifestyle Consultants have developed workshops with an enthusiastic approach in the art of sustaining longevity in the complicated and simplistic styles of dating relationships. Euphoria has developed a one-of-a-kind approach that embraces all 3 aspects of the dating experience: Emotional, Psychological and Image Consultation.

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