Shia’ Monroe, Petite Model and Actress Retains the Services of PR Xperts to Help Launch Career

DETROIT, MI : PR Xperts, a PR and Marketing Firm based out of Detroit Michigan is proud to announce its’ new and exciting business relationship with aspiring model and actress, Shia’ Monroe. Unlike the millions of other young girls dreaming of becoming a high fashion model and gracing the cover of the trendiest magazines, Shia’ Monroe at 17-years old is already working towards turning her dreams into a reality.

Destined for stardom at birth, Monroe’s mother and father knew early on that she had a special relationship with the camera. She auditioned for several modeling agencies and received positive responses but decided to focus on graduating from Comstock Compass High School where she was enrolled.  She did just that, a year and a half early in fact and as Valedictorian. Now a 5’4 120 lb Shia Monroe is determined to become the first petite model to walk the runway in a major fashion show, without opposition.

“I’ve always been told that I would be a great promotional model but because of my size, I could never walk the runway. That’s ridiculous to me because there are so many beautiful young women in the world who are my size.  If there are plus size models, why can’t there be petite models that share the same runway as the taller women? Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.”

Monroe also appreciates the educational opportunities that graduating as Valedictorian has supplied her. She is college bound this fall and plans to attend acting school in New York City for the winter semester.

“I respect models like Tyra Banks and Iman simply because not only are they gorgeous women but they are exceptional businesswomen. Nowadays being a pretty face isn’t enough, having an education is the only way to the top”.

Shia Monroe is available for event hosting, promotional and film work. Please direct all booking inquiries to PR Xperts via email at or by calling 248-270-8182      .