Smash Hit Kickboxing Introduces “Recovery Kickboxing”

With the looming downturn of the Michigan economy creating stress amongst families, depression, drug addiction, eating disorders and anxiety are at an all-time high. Smash Hit Kickboxing located in the Historical Downtown Pontiac is now offering a therapeutic program that gets students into incredible shape while empowering the mind and body. The developers of the Recovery Kickboxing Program are now dedicated to helping others t…hrough his healthy, goal- oriented workout.

Through the recovery Kickboxing Program students can learn to unleash a flurry of kicks, punches, and tickles while learning how to maximize speed, power, and accuracy. Former boxing and kickboxing champions lead groups of pupils through body-shaping drills, imparting all the techniques needed to forcibly dominate a 6-foot, 135-pound bag or exceptionally dense, limbless person. The 60-minute Recovery Kickboxing class offers a lower-intensity program designed to give students therapeutic benefits through elements of kickboxing, modern exercise, and the fellowship of community. Kick-happy boxers can dissolve up to 1,000 calories during each class as they attack the heavy bags, which are equipped with extra muscle-challenging resistance for enhanced workouts and sweatier training Montage

“It is our hope that this program benefits others as it has ourselves. Kickboxing, like the 12 step fellowship program, helps prevent the negative cycle of addiction, giving the student a chance to learn and incorporate additional survival skills in daily living. Classes are also followed by an optional half-hour recovery meeting”

The classes will be held at 7:45 pm Monday and Wednesday starting August 8th 2011. Each participant aged 18 years or older can register for 10 classes for only $60. For more info please call 248-253-1594, go to and click on “Recovery Kickboxing” or call 248-253-1594. Please direct all media inquiries to Karen Fraiberg or Melanie Altman.

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