What is PR and Why Do I Need It?

PR is an acronym for Public Relations or sometimes, Press Release.  It is the art of managing communication between a business or entertainer and the public. This differs from marketing, although many PR professionals also engage in marketing activities. There are many types of public relations professionals that work within a number of industries. Public relations is needed if you are seeking to convey positive news stories to the media in an attempt to attract attention that will lead to increased sales, respond to a crisis, share news and information,  or expand your fan base.  

A good publicist has excellent oral, written and interpersonal communication skills. Being a “people person” and attaining the ability to survive in a fast paced, results driven atmosphere is as imperative as learning to strategize and implement strong marketing plans under pressure. Acquiring a large database of media contacts is also a challenge that is the most difficult for some to overcome. The PR industry isn’t for everyone, which is primarily the reason why companies outsource those projects to experienced consultants.

 We have listed the main types of PR specialties below:

Financial and Business Public Relations

Business owners and financial services professionals needing company related news and information distributed to business journalists and reporters. For example, a financial advisor may use a PR consultant to keep the public informed on economic and financial changes in the market.

Entertainment Public Relations

Recording artists, Authors, Actors/Actresses, Producers, Models and Modeling Agencies etc. needing media attention for an event or project. A producer of a television show may hire a consultant to publicize a new movie or television premiering soon.

Consumer/Lifestyle Public Relations

Businesses/Individuals choosing PR as opposed to traditional advertising with a goal of highlighting a new product or service being development, launched, or released. A CEO of a new company retaining a publicist to keep their target market aware of their company launch, new product or service, or changes in policies, procedures, or operations.

Crisis Public Relations (Crisis Management)

Businesses or individuals requiring public relations services that will respond to negative press or accusations. Anyone facing negative press should consult with a PR professional to help respond to and manage the media crisis.

Government Relations

Individuals or groups needing positive media exposure while running for public office, sending information to the public or “Crisis Management”.   

 Non-Profit Public Relations

Non-profit organizations seeking media exposure to share information regarding upcoming events, fundraisers and new programs.


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